Q: What is the dress attire?

A: Dress attire for the FLC national meeting is business casual. The attire for the FLC awards reception, dinner and ceremony is business formal.

Q: My colleagues are receiving an FLC award and I’d like to be present, but I don’t want to pay for an award banquet meal. Is there an option available where I can attend the ceremony only?

A: No. Only the purchase an awards banquet ticket guarantees admission to the FLC awards ceremony. No price adjustments will be made.

Q: Can I attend multiple training courses?

A: All training courses are full-day, so you’ll need to choose one. Contact us if you’d like help deciding which course is best for you.

Q: Can I earn credit for my participation in the meeting?

A: Yes! You can apply for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for the meeting and training courses at http://eu.montana.edu/flc. If you’ve signed up for the “Communicating With Influencers at Your Lab” class, you’ll earn credit automatically when you complete the course. If you’re interested in CLEs or other forms of credit, we may be able to provide documentation to your credit provider.

Q: Why is there an additional charge for the “Communicating With Influencers” class?

A: This class is designed and delivered by the American Management Association (AMA) and has been custom-tailored for the FLC. It includes additional custom course materials, provides automatic continuing education credit, and is very space-limited. The higher course fee covers these additional costs.

Q: Someone in my office/agency signs me up for everything. How do I make sure I’ve registered for the right training class?

A: Your email confirmation will tell you which items you have been signed up for. We recommend double-checking this confirmation in advance. If you wait to make changes on site, the course you want may be full. If you’re not sure what you’re signed up for or need to make a change, contact us for help.

Q: Will there be Wi-Fi for attendees?

A: Yes, there will be free Wi-Fi available on-site and in meeting session rooms for all attendees to access. You will receive the Wi-Fi network name and password in your registration packet when you arrive on-site.

Q: Am I allowed to register on-site?

A: Yes, on-site registration will be available but it is preferred that you register ahead of time. This will help avoid any wait time you may experience while we gather the required information, process registration payment, create an attendee badge, and complete additional items necessary for each attendee.

Q: Will there be networking opportunities?

A: Yes, this year’s agenda has plenty of networking sessions built in each day for attendees to network with one another and take advantage of potential partnership opportunities.

Q: The class I wanted is sold out. What can I do?

A: Your best course of action is to choose another course that’s of interest to you. You can also contact us to get on a waitlist in the event a seat becomes available. For the “Communicating With Influencers” course, we will not be able to accommodate an on-site waitlist; however, if a space opens up in advance, we will notify you on a first-come, first-served basis.